About Us

 Our Mission:

The mission of Pinnacle Recovery Organization (PRO) is to restore the collateral recovery industry to its rightful place of respect and recognition in the American business sector. We will do this by bringing transparency and fairness back to our recovery agents in the field; thereby creating a culture of compliance based on trust. Our clients will share in this culture of compliance and trust while recognizing priority and efficiency in the handling of their most difficult portfolio of loans.

 Our Objectives:

  • Recovery of consumer loan collateral for secured lenders in all segments of the lending industry.
  • Utilizing a transparent system of compensation for qualifying vendors providing compliant and professional field service.
  • Negotiating fair and reciprocal service agreements with lenders that desire priority and efficiency in the handling of their defaulted loans.
  • Developing a continuous system of investigation, recovery and disposition of consumer loan collateral.


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