Pinnacle Request for Consideration

PRO is a co-op of network recovery specialists providing repossession, skip tracing, transport/delivery and assistance with remarketing services to lenders. A creation development idea from Allied Finance Adjusters over the past year. Stemming from AFA’s idea of “cradle to grave” processing for their clients and membership. We have over 80 years of experience in the repossession industry. Our focus is to provide a WIN-WIN solution to the Repossession Industry between Our Clients, Our Top Professional licensed and approved agents and PRO. Our process is very simple. PRO will process all services needed by our contracted clients according to a customized fee schedule and will submit the assignments to our contracted field agents to provide all services.

The clients do not need to search or worry about “unlicensed, uninsured and uneducated” agents working on their assignments. PRO has made sure all contracted agents are licensed, insured and educated. Each Allied member agent is also covered with a $1,000,000 in client protection fidelity (crime) insurance. The number one concern for PRO is compliance.

Along with our repossession services, PRO also offers skip-tracing, transportation and assistance with collateral remarketing.

Our clients may have hard-to-locate debtors; but we can help locate them. With our co-op of professional agents—because each agent has an ownership stake in the network—we are in a unique situation to share and exchange information in-network with very little risk of improper data handling. This, combined with the skilled skip tracers on our staff and the data access available to us, enables us to perform a thorough and effective investigation on each skip account.

Simply put, PRO and our team of approved agents offer our client team-members the most reliable, effective and compliant collateral repossession service available. PRO’s business motto is “Compliance Through Trust”. Our WIN-WIN approach with our approved clients, our top agents and PRO will build a strong tripod team. We look forward to you and your team members calling us for ALL YOUR REPOSSESSION NEEDS.

Judy Barnes
Pinnacle Repossession Organization

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